Tarbooj | Watermelon Kiran (3kg Approx)

Tarbooj | Watermelon Kiran (3kg Approx)


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Order Watermelon online in Delhi. The hot summer season is here and Public Canteen Delhi comes to provide you with fresh watermelons. Public Canteen Delhi brings the freshest vegetables and fruits to your doorsteps in Delhi. Be it seasonal fruits and vegetables or be it the daily routine stock Public Canteen has it all. We will enrich your kitchen and refrigerator with all the types of fresh and healthy fruits and vegetable products and that too going easy on your pockets.

As the name suggests, Watermelon is full of water content. The watermelon replenishes the body water, especially during the summer season. The watermelon has a light green outer rind which has dark green variable stripes all over the body. Another type of watermelon has dark royal green outer rind body. The fruit has number of seeds. Upon opening the watermelon one finds bright red fresh flesh with a lot of seeds. The watermelon is a very refreshing fruit. Watermelon juice is also a common drink in summers. Some chefs use watermelon for making cocktails and cocktails as well. It is commonly eaten as salad also.

Nutritional Facts:

Firstly, the watermelon has large water content and this keeps the skin rejuvenating. In addition, it satisfies the immediate hunger and keeps the calories away. It has Vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B5. Also, the watermelon contains lycopene. Watermelon also provides the body with calcium, zinc and iron. 

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